Elma Grundlingh

Elma completed her B.Sc in Physiotherapy at the University of Stellenbosch. She has been involved in her own private practice in Kloof, KZN for the past 30 years. She belongs to the South African Sport Physiotherapy- and Orthopaedic and Manipulative Interest groups.

She believes in a very practical hands-on, holistic approach and has found that the best results were achieved when treating the cause of an injury, especially when dealing  with chronic sport injuries and general  conditions.

The Lyno® method has given me more freedom to think “outside the box” and to have a different approach  dealing with my patients. Human movement has always been high on my priority list when dealing with athletes, “if you want to run/perform better you need to move better”

Elma is an avid long distance runner and has completed several  Two Oceans and  Comrades Ultra marathons, as well as standard  and half marathons  over the past 10 years. She therefore has a special interest in endurance athletes and sportsmen and women.