Cathy Pittich

Cathy is a Lyno Practitioner and massage therapist.

Coming from a creative background, Cathy views the human body as a work of art. She has always been intrigued by how the body moves and loves to see the human body moving in good form.

She leads an active lifestyle, having been a runner for over 20 years, and enjoying Pilates and Yoga.

Cathy loves going on extreme hiking adventures and these have taught her a great deal about maintaining balanced movement and strength in her body to be able to accomplish these goals.

Cathy’s personal Lyno experience with a recurring injury gave her an understanding to look for the source of an injury, inspiring her to complete the Lyno course and become a Lyno practitioner in 2018.

She works with a range of clients from athletes to the elderly, and delights in helping others to regain movement and understand their own bodies.

Always, encouraging her clients to implement good form into their lifestyles.