Angela Maud
(+27) 82 791 3489
19 Sanders Road
Angela has always loved sports. Throughout her schooling years she tried most things - swimming, netball, tennis, squash, basketball, cross country before finding her true passion in hockey.

She played competitive hockey for 10 years. Her highlights were representing her country for SA u18 and SA Women's A outdoor hockey and SA u21 indoor hockey. She also made the SA University team but never played any games.

After hanging up her hockey boots she had a son. This was the longest she had gone without doing little exercise. By the time her son was 17 months old, she decided that she needed to get back into shape. She joined a local running club and managed a whole 700m in her first session. For those that know her, running was never an option and knew every trick of the trade on how to do the least amount of fitness. She was a goalkeeper so running more than 16m wasn't on her agenda.

Needless to say the running bug bit. A year later almost to the day she ran her first Comrades Marathon. One of her most amazing experiences. Sadly it just wasn't her year. With 7kms to go, at the top of Pollys, she started with ITB. She can't even describe the pain but with tears rolling down my face she made the finish line. She missed the cut off but I got to finish. The highlight was seeing her family and having her mom cross the finish line with her Little did we know that her mom would pass away a few months later.

After taking a few months off she knew she had to get much stronger. She was lucky enough to find the most amazing bio and physio that did endless amounts of rehab with her. It was during this time that she was introduced to Lyno. She went for weekly Lyno and rehab sessions and trained harder to be better. She proudly finished her second Comrades in 10:56 and injury free.

A few months later she injured her knee and took 18 months off running and took up race walking and started cycling. It was during this time that she signed up with a coach. The craziness ensued. She completed Sani2C twice, Ironman 70.3, 8 Mile (8 Midmar Miles over a weekend) twice, Amashova and Tour D'urban. She even threw in some trail running and completed the Two Oceans 24km trail run.

At the start of 2020 she signed up to do her Lyno certification.  Knowing how much it had helped her with her running and it had always been of interest of hers. Also her son is now into his sports. Sports for kids today is very different to how sports was for us growing up. She knew how early she started seeing physios when she started playing competitive sport so also thought it would be good if she could help her son. Kids are so overlooked. If we don't sort out the small things when they are younger they become big problems when they get older.

Once starting the Lyno course she realised that there was so much more she could do and learn. Covid hit the world hard and was hit hard with lock down. During this time she decided to start some courses to improve herself as an athlete and if she could also help others along the way was an added bonus. In August 2020 she passed my Lyno qualification. She is am currently studying towards her Running Certification, Personal Training specialising in Strength and Conditioning, Glutes and Tactical Training (function fitness) and then to complete her offering has also signed up for Nutrition Coaching. She recently signed up for a Pre and Post Natal course and by the end of the year is hoping to complete her certification in Rebounding.

Her main focus of Lyno is Pre and Post Pregnant women, runners / walkers and weekend warriors.

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