Andrea Mulholland
(+27) 82 463 1625
57 Kingshaven Estate
Kingshaven Street
Big Bay
Cape Town
Western Cape
ANDREA a person that found her passion at the very young age of 15. She found it not because she was overweight, but because she struggled to keep herself in shape. She trained hard with her family's encouragement through school, eating a balance diet along with her private swimming lessons and gym classes every day. This was the passion that ignited everything.
Andrea went on to study numerous courses. Her Personal Training Diploma was the beginning of her self-discovery, only to be identified later in life.
 Andrea immediately invested as owner of her own studio to train her clients.
ETA: 4 Oct 2010, National Fitness Diploma
HFPA: 4 Sept 2010, Sports Nutrition and supplementation
Ironman University: 13 Nov 2017, Ironman certified coach
Precision Nutrition: 2018, Nutrition Certified Coach
Lyno Academy: 22 Nov 2018, Lyno practitioner
Neurozone: 2020
Neurozone advanced certification: 2021
The passion to help, encourage and change lives was her main focus. Andrea found great rewards from seeing people positively improve themselves.
Reaching a point in 2017 of needing to know more and progress her passion in knowledge, interest and need to learn more about human movement as her business grew, lead her to qualify in the courses she attended. Along with many other short courses, but mostly her interest in fascia and learning the Lyno fascia release technique led to her profound understanding of the importance of balance. This lead to her biggest reward - helping people change their lives by improving their quality of movement.
Andrea enjoys a challenge and has completed a Half Ironman, half and full marathons, swimming events, a few CT cycle tours, regular progressive strength training and really enjoys body boarding in our cold sea waters. Movement is her life.
The bigger picture is, we all need balance. Not only in our physical bodies, but in our work and personal lives. To perform at our absolute maximum, when needed, without sustaining injuries or burnout.
They saying “Everything effects everything” : has a bigger meaning when you understand how the brain responds to positive and negative influences and demands of life.
And so her passion for balance; for your brain and body to function and grow from wellness to high performance. So you can thrive in your sport, work and life.
We can all flourish in a prosperous state of being with optimised brain performance to be the best we can be.
Andrea’s new project involves .... helping you achieve high performance through Neurozone assessments, long with sharing her knowledge and experience in fascia release, exercise and nutrition to identifying which components of your sub behaviours in human resilience needs attention to optimise the best you.
Andrea grew up in Johannesburg and resides in Big Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.

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