Adri Brooks

As biokineticist, Adri was fascinated by the effect of the gentle and soft fascia release technique on limited range of mobility.

Being able to identify large discrepancies when measuring range of motion with the Lyno digital goniometer, added value plus a very clear digital visualisation to her reporting.

The value of measuring range of motion, fitted perfectly well into the vision she loves to share with each client: “Measure to Manage”

Working with individuals from many different activity backgrounds, the LYNO Method gives each individual a target to work for. Being a health practitioner, the word BALANCE describes healthy living best. To restore quality of life, through exercise, recreating and repairing BIOS (life), through KINESIS (movement).

Adri is working with apparently healthy individuals, doing exercise prescriptions for elite sportsmen, children and adults at all ages, as well as orthopaedic rehabilitation referred patients.

The emotional relief LYNO brings fits perfectly well into the essence of a healthy lifestyle; to be able to train hard, rest and recover well.