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What is The Lyno Method?

The Lyno Method is a complementary health modality that identifies and removes fascia restrictions in order to restore full function, resulting in injury-free and optimum movement.

Full Body Assessment

The only way to accurately find your fascia restrictions and the cause of your longstanding injury is to assess the whole body.

Release Trauma

We release emotional and physical trauma, trapped in the fascia, with a gentle, dynamic, interactive technique and in full functional patterns.

Restore Natural Movement

Fascia restrictions cause non-alignment and dysfunctional movement patterns. If your fascia is mobile, you have optimum movement.

Optimise Performance

The only way to reach your peak performance is with a fully balanced and functional body.

About the Lyno Method

Do you need Lyno?

Do you think your days of sport are over?

Do old injuries restrict your current mobility?

Is old emotional trauma preventing you from moving on?

Do you feel stuck in your body?

Has your posture deteriorated?

Are you struggling with longstanding injuries?

Are you suffering from chronic aches and pains?

Do you struggle with some yoga positions?

Have you reached a plateau in your performance?

Do you feel off-balance?

Lyno Helps By





What The Fascia!

Fascia is the structure that covers the whole body and all the functional parts of it. We find fascia around muscles, blood vessels, bones. nerves, joints, and all the organs. All these fascia bags need to be able to slide upon each other in order to maintain the full function of the whole body. The moment any part of the fascia loses its mobility and becomes ‘glued’ to another part, the body responds by using compensation patterns. This results in imbalance, stiffness, muscle weakness, organ dysfunction, neural dysfunction, and reduced blood circulation. Symptoms and pain usually show up in the areas that become deactivated and weakened due to these restrictions. The only way to break injury patterns is to assess the whole body, find the fascia restrictions, remove them and restore normal function. Symptomatic treatment does not deal with the fascia restrictions and is therefore ineffective in the treatment of longstanding injuries, pain, and stiffness.

We See The Body As A Whole

We look at our clients as a whole where all parts of the body and mind function interdependently. A restriction in one area has a ripple effect and reduces the function of the whole. Longstanding injuries and lack of performance is due to limited movement patterns caused by fascia restrictions. We find the restrictions, remove them, restore function and movement, defuse the injury patterns and lead our clients to optimal performance.


The FROM Test

The Lyno® FROM Test consists of 60 functional and mobility tests which enables the practitioner to draw up a profile of the client’s movement patterns & limitations.

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The Bunkie Test

A functional test consiting of 5 plank positions to access fascia function.

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The Yellow Page Wedges

The wedge test is used to activate functional movement patterns through adjusting proprioception.

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