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Find The Cause, Not The Symptom

The Lyno Method is for sport and movement professionals whose aim is to provide their clients with a comprehensive solution to their long-standing and recurring injuries and limitations in performance. We follow a holistic approach in order to find and eliminate the cause, and our method focusses on fascia mobility and function.


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We Strive Towards Ultimate Movement

Our muscles and joints are dependent on fascia mobility for ultimate function. With our holistic approach, we aim for optimum fascia mobility in order to break injury patterns and reset full function.

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Course Structure

Module 1

  • Introduction to fascia
  • Assessment of linear movement
  • The technique of fascia release
  • The Bunkie Test
  • Yellow Page Wedges

Module 2

    • Introduction to the spiral lines
    • Assessment of neck and trunk rotation
    • Assessment of hip, knee and ankle rotation
    • Analysis of the spiral lines
    • Fascia release of the spiral lines

Module 3

    • Assessment of scapula, shoulder, elbow, forearm and wrist mobility
    • Full assessment analysis
    • The release of the scapula and arms
    • Full body analysis and treatment plan

Module 4 Advanced Assesments

  • Advanced assessments, analysis and release of full body.
  • Preparation for Lyno® exam.

Practical Work

After the first & second module, students are expected to perform 16 (60min) practical sessions on friends or family members, which should include the full assessment and releases. Following the final module, students are expected to complete 50 practical sessions in order to qualify for the certification exam.


To become a licensed Lyno® Practitioner, you have to complete all 4 modules, do the required practical work, and pass the exam.

Who May Attend?

The course is open to all individuals who are working in the field of health, wellness and exercise and who enjoys problem solving.
All applicants should have at least one year experience of working with patients or clients.

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