The FROM Test

Presented By Founder Benita Kropman

The Lyno® FROM Test consists of 60 functional and mobility tests which enables the practitioner to draw up a profile of the client’s movement patterns.

The body functions as a tensegrity model, which means that every part of the body is connected to the rest and dysfunction or locked movement in one area has a distinct effect on every other part of the body.

The FROM Test is designed to give a full record of movement throughout the body and the analysis of this test enables the practitioner to design a program which will include facilitation of movement in restricted areas and conditioning of new balanced movement patterns.

This test is repeated at the beginning of each Lyno session, which apart from recording the client’s progress, also supplies the Lyno Academy with a wealth of continuous research material and evidence based information.

One of the main advantages of The FROM Test is that it gives exact measurements of movement throughout the whole body. The practitioner as well as the client can clearly track the progress, which has a huge positive mental impact.


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