Hanlie Theron

Hanlie started out as a special needs teacher working with a group of specialists to support each child on their journey, while working part time as a massage therapist. She then completed her studies as a Holistic Massage therapist at BTI and later Sports massage at ETA Stellenbosch and she started her own practice while working weekends at events with a biokineticist.

Looking for answers beyond the conventional and seeking ways to find and treat the cause, not just reoccurring symptoms. She contacted Benita Kropman – the founder of The Lyno Method through their website. And Benita’s passion and like minded approach sparked her curiosity and convinced her to enrolled.

Hanlie enjoys working with clients from different backgrounds, from young kids to members of the older generation, office workers and pro athletes. And because of Lyno’s gentle, yet very effective approach, it is now possible. She is invested in helping people become pain free, to reach their full potential.

She believes that better alignment translates to more freedom and less limitations and more balance. Our mind and body is too intertwined to be separated. Therefore helping the body, not only helps the body but also helps the mind.

We express and experience life through our bodies and therefore it is valuable and a worth while investment.