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By The Completion Of The Course You Will Be Able To:

  • Perform a full body assessment of fascia mobility.
  • Analyse the test results to identify compensation or dysfunctional movement patterns.
  • Eliminate dysfunctional movement patterns through the release of densified fascia layers.
  • Restore neutral movement patterns in order to improve function, solve chronic injury patterns and optimise performance.
Course Structure

The course is divided into 4 different modules.

Module 1

  • The full assessment of the linear lines of movement
  • The Bunkie Test
  • The analysis of the test results
  • The Lyno® technique of fascia release
  • The Yellow Page Wedge technique

Module 2

The assessment and releases of the arm movements and upper body rotation

  • Assessment of arm movement
  • Assessment of trunk rotation
  • Analysis of upper body rotation
  • Fascia release of upper body

Module 3

The assessment and releases of pelvic and leg rotation

  • Assessment of lower extremity rotation
  • Full body assessment of fascia mobility
  • Full assessment analysis
  • Holistic treatment plan
  • Full body fascia release

Module 4 Advanced Assesments

This module is a consolidation of the full Lyno assessment and releases. The focus on this module is on interactive case study work in order to prepare students for the certification exam.
Course Dates

Module 1


Module 2


Module 3


Module 4


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Course Details

Practical Work

After the first & second module, students are expected to perform 16 (60min) practical sessions on friends or family members, which should include the full assessment and releases. Following the 3rd module, students are expected to complete 50 practical sessions in order to qualify for the certification exam.

Cost Of Course

The cost of the full course in the SA is R13200.
Payments may be made as 4 installments, with the first payment (deposit) of R3400 due at registration, the 2nd and 3rd payment of R3400 due 1 month before Modules 2 and 3 and the final payment of R3000 due before 1 month before the 4th Module.
To register on a course, please complete the form below. We will be in touch as soon as we receive your application.

Who May Attend?

The course is open to all individuals who are working in the field of health, wellness and exercise and who enjoys problem solving.
All applicants should have at least one year experience of working with patients or clients.

Become A Certified Lyno® Practitioner

Delegates who would like to become a certified and licensed LYNO® practitioner in SA, will do their practical exam within 4 months after the Module 4 course. As preparation for the exam, delegates are expected to do 50 practical hours on case studies and attend the Module 3 (Consolidation) Course within that period. The dates of the Module 4 (Consolidation) Course is determined by the class and will involve a weekend of interactive case study work as revision.
The exam consists of an hour long practical session on a model to demonstrate all the different parts of the LYNO® Method – the full assessment, analysis of results and releases.
The cost of the certification exam is R1200.
Delegates who fail the exam will be required to repeat the Module 4 (Consolidation) Course, do another 30 practical case study hours and then repeat the exam.
Certified LYNO® practitioners become licensed members of the South African LYNO® Academy and will pay a yearly license fee of R4200. The fee is payable by means of a monthly debit order. Licensed practitioners will be expected to work according to the standards set by the global LYNO® Academy and to retain their license, they will have to attend one Module 4 (Consolidation) Course a year to stay in touch with LYNO® updates.
As a licensed practitioner you receive the following:
the right to work under the LYNO® brandname
access to all branding and marketing material
your contact and practice details are published on the LYNO® website
a 50% discount on all Module 4 courses

Presented By:
Chandelle Lombard

Lyno Practitioner & Course Facilitator

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