I had the good fortune of working with Roxi, a Lyno practitioner who offers a holistic approach. Roxi’s breadth of understanding of the mind-body connection is continually advancing as she constantly researches and grows her knowledge base in an effort to help her clients better. During our sessions, she not only helped me release blockages through Lyno but also offered invaluable insights and purposeful advice that extended beyond the physical application of Lyno. Her approach is not just about physical recovery but emotional and mental welfare. Her understanding of the body and mind connection gives her a dynamic perspective, which allows her to guide her clients through uncovering unfavourable patterns that hinder their personal wellness growth. What sets Roxi apart is her genuine care and commitment to her clients. Her sessions are not just about going through the motions; they are an experience where you feel seen, heard, and supported. Her positive energy is contagious, creating a safe and nurturing space. Working with Roxi has been a happy process and a personal journey. I highly recommend Roxi to anyone looking for a deeper mind-body connection or simply looking to find a deeper relationship with themselves. Thank you, Roxi, for your dedication and impact on my life!