I have always been very healthy, physically strong and maintained a reasonably good level of fitness. I’ve been fortunate in not having had any serious physical injuries, aside from a few sprains and foot injuries from trying to do everything at high speed and pack a million activities into my day. I lead a busy life and my career requires me to travel extensively. A large part of my day is spent at my desk, reading, or taking part in virtual meetings. I try to maintain a balanced and peaceful lifestyle but like many fellow South Africans, I have had exposure to traumatic crime incidents over the past number of years. All these factors have and do influence my mobility and impact my core strength; general wear and tear which is all part of the natural aging process.

I heard about Roxy Smith from a friend and admit, I didn’t know much about the Lyno method. I guess one could describe what she does as taking physio to a higher level, engaging not only the physical but emotional blockages preventing the body from functioning optimally. She does this through a mobility and functionality assessment and then, through touch and breathing methods, works to remove any restrictions in the fascia, that thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. It’s not a scary phycology session by any means.

This is important because unless you clear emotional trauma, there is always a high probability of recurring blockages and our bodies simply don’t function optimally. A good personal example was my left and close central vision fields which Roxy identified were not functioning as they should as a result of an old trauma. I’d always wondered why I incessantly dropped things and simply put it down to deteriorating eyesight.

Since working with Roxy, my mobility and strength are substantially better and I’ve learnt the benefits of proper breathing. We are however creatures of habit so I try to have a session every few weeks which keep me feeling great.