I was referred to Gabi by a good friend, as a last resort before surrendering to at least one knee operation. This was after having tried a number of doctors, physio’s, biokineticists and a chiropractor. My body reacted so well from the first session and I was mostly pain free from the third session. Not only did the Lyno sessions work, but Gabi’s guidance on exercises to strengthen weak areas, allowed me to achieve a sustained pain free situation. Gabi has changed my life with Lyno. I am 49, and will be fitter in my 50’s than I was in my 30’s. I play squash against youngsters 25 years younger than me and my knees are no longer a negative factor. I tell everybody I know who is struggling with recurring injuries to go to Gabi or if not Gabi, to find a Lyno therapist. I still try to see Gabi regularly to keep achieving my ever more demanding fitness goals.