At the age of 14 my son experienced growing pains and groin injuries, I was referred to Ruchenda Bennet a Lyno Method Practitioner by a friend. My son who is actively involved in football since the age of 9, started to experience severe growing pains and groin pains at the age of 14. On our first visit he was treated by Ruchenda Bennet using the Lyno Method treatment. She first diagnosed and examined his body posture and identified certain abnormal body, muscle, and bone irregularities, also bad habits in walking and immediately started treatment. She also advised on certain exercises that must be done and how to do those exercises. Included in her first treatment she advised us what shoes to use to improve a better or correct posture of walking.

After the first treatment we could already see a huge difference and going home we implemented those exercises daily and the correct posture of walking and the right type of shoes that she advised him to wear for better walking posture.

We want to thank Ruchenda for introducing us to the Lyno Method, and based on our experience we would recommend any person, young and old to consider the Lyno Method treatment.

My son who is now 16 years old has a much healthier and stronger physical and mental body, and also competes much stronger as a football player.