Lyno changed my life!  I had been suffering for several years with sever hip pain on the one side.  I felt like a 60 year old in a 40 year old’s body.  I had tried many other therapies but with no improvement.  I discovered Lyno quite by accident – there was a practitioner using the premises where my daughter did CrossFit.  Out of desperation I decided to give it a try.  Lyno not only massively improved my hip symptoms but also made my tennis elbow disappear.  This was the case because Lyno does not only focus on the area of your pain/injury but treats the body holistically and other areas automatically benefit from this.  From then on, I have been the biggest supporter of Lyno and frequently refer people who I hear are struggling with symptoms that just don’t go away despite doing all the usual therapies.

My regular Lyno practitioner immigrated and referred me to Heidi, who was also in my area.  I am so grateful for having the opportunity to work with Heidi.  She is an incredibly gentle and caring person who takes a genuine interest in her clients.  I am quiet an active person and without Heidi, I would not have been able to keep up with my tennis and weight training.  Whenever I had an injury or niggle, I would have a few Lyno sessions and be good to go.  I soon realized that with my activity level I would benefit from regular maintenance sessions.

Heidi also has the remarkable ability to adapt to her individual clients’ needs.  I took my daughter to see her who was experiencing migraines.  My daughter is quiet an anxious person and struggles to be touched in certain ways by other people.  Heidi was able to make her feel safe and constantly checked in with her to find out if she was managing with the contact.  She initially could only touch my daughter with the lightest touch, but over time that improved.  When my daughter started seeing her, she could not tie her hair up without immediately getting a migraine (she had special permission to not tie her hair up at school) and after a few sessions with Heidi she was once again able to tie her hair up.

Unfortunately for me Heidi and her family also decided to immigrate.  All I can say is that my loss is the Netherlands’ gain!