All of us at some point in time have tried manipulating muscle, we know about joints and bones and even tendons and ligaments that give rise to aches and pains, but I had never even considered the fascia as being a contributor to my chronic hip pain until I met Lyno practitioner, Viv van Zyl.
After careful measuring of my range of motion she set about correcting to ensure equal movement on both sides of my body, explaining how an imbalance could lead to pain in a seemingly unrelated part of my body.
What do I love about Lyno? It’s not your standard treatment and it’s so easy and accessible. What do I love about Viv? She explains everything she is doing, gives you exercises and advice on how to correct your posture/stance and she genuinely cares to find the root of the problem and to correct it!
I’d highly recommend Viv if you are feeling pain when you shouldn’t and to those who would like to improve their sporting performance.