I travelled interstate to see Claire for 4 Lyno sessions over 6 days. I had read about The Lyno Method online and was desperate to address the cause of my pain and misalignment in my body that had been ailing me for over 10years. I had tried many different techniques which provided symptomatic relief but I felt did not address the underlying issues. These included Chiro, Osteo, Physio, Neck Botox, Rolfing, Structural Integration, Bowen, Acupuncture, DNS and all kinds of massage. I was impressed by Claire’s holistic knowledge of the body and her expertise in the Lyno method. After only a couple of sessions I already felt much better, with most of my pain and misalignment that had been ailing me for 10+ years clearing up. My Bunkie scores (measuring my core functionality) were 0 or had major discrepancies between the Left and Right. Within 5 days they were almost all at 30 or very close to it. I couldn’t believe how these scores had come up without doing any traditional strengthening work. In addition to this I had very reduced range of motion in most areas of my body. By day 5 most of these had full range of motion or close to it without doing any traditional stretches. It was amazing to note how much my upper body range of motion improved through specific spiral lines in my legs being released. This gave me huge relief in my upper body and my neck (which has been a big source of pain for me for many years). When I walk I can notice how different muscle groups, that I’ve been trying to strengthen for years, can now fire properly. It’s like my neural system is working differently and it’s easier for the ‘right’ muscles to fire. I did foam rolling and myofascial release work on myself everyday before seeing Claire to try keep my pain at bay. Those trigger points have now dissipated with no foam rolling at all. Claire explained that a lot of those areas were actually too long which is the opposite of what I had thought. Well worth the trip – I would highly recommend Claire to anybody seeking a holistic approach to injury rehabilitation and pain management, and I am looking forward to working with her remotely over the coming months to see even more improvements.