For months I had been struggling with my two shoulders, the discomfort so intense that on occasions I was unable to raise my arms in the air and would often wake up at night in pain.   Despite numerous sessions at therapists, the treatment was short lived and the discomfort returned with the same intensity within a few days after the treatment.

My discomfort was of such a nature that I could not function normally in my everyday tasks let alone have a good night’s rest.  I was on my way to schedule an appointment at an orthopaedic doctor when a friend suggested that I go for a Lyno Treatment as a last resort.

Well, what can I say except… magic!

After my first session the mobility in my shoulders had improved dramatically although a slight tightness lingered with certain movements, I experienced no pain during the night.  The second session not only resulted in a total release of any remnants of tension in my shoulders but ALL stiffness in the muscles of my entire body was abated leaving my body’s muscles feeling fluid and relaxed.

I haven’t been so pleasantly surprised at something in a long time, astounded that by merely releasing your body’s restrictions, with such a soft and gentle technique, your manoeuvrability and flexibility is improved tenfold.

I shudder to think how many people out there are going for cortisone injections or running to surgeons when the Lyno Treatment MIGHT just be the solution.

The effect remains a magical pleasant surprise of how something so simple can be so effective.