Lyno has been a game changer for pain management and overall body health maintenance for me. I have suffered with neck and back issues for 20+ years after a serious car accident. What chiro and physio couldn’t do for me, Lyno has. In particular it has retrained my muscular system away from the trauma patterning post my accident and this means a lot less pain medication, muscle spasms and better posture and back health overall. The silver bullet in my treatment however, is my Lyno practitioner, Tina-Marie Harsant. Tina exudes compassion, competence and care. She executes the Lyno modality with precision but it’s her intuitive ability to heal that makes the ultimate difference. Lyno is a key part of my well-being toolkit now and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to improve their overall mobility, recover from injury and reduce body aches & pains.”