I first heard about Lyno from my peers and coach in my running training group. I’d had continuous niggles with my hips, knees, and sometimes my ankles and feet. Physio and Chiro would help, but not for the long term – I always found it was a somewhat temporary relief, but the same pains would return.

After just a few sessions of Lyno, ALL my pains and discomfort had disappeared and there was no indication of even the slightest niggle. I also felt more balanced and grounded than I had ever felt – like the most natural position to stand was with two feet firmly planted on the ground, hip width apart. None of the usual bent-knee, tilted-hip standing position.  I loved how strong, capable, balanced, and pain-free I felt so I socialized this further with friends, and the response I received was an overwhelming, “This has changed my life !!!” I have to agree, wholeheartedly.

Heidi’s treatments were very thorough and she took great personal care to understand the nature of my lifestyle and the pains I suffered. We detailed every possible trauma I had ever suffered. Her therapy was so beneficial that I would not have to return to her for very long periods, and being pain-free for so long was highly unusual for me. I’d return when I had either done something silly, or just needed maintenance. My teenage daughter, a runner, has also experienced Lyno, and when pain, or niggles debilitate her, she begs for Lyno over everything else. And it sorts her out in a single session! I firmly believe that Lyno is highly essential in everyone’s well-being journey!