I am an 39 year old mother of 2 kids and I am currently going through a divorce for the past 3 years. I thought I should start like that so you know where I come from. A long story short in 2020 I separated from my husband of 14 years. We all know the stress that goes with that. The year 2021 has shaped me and changed me mainly physically and emotionally in ways I never thought it would. You can only imagine stress becoming my new partner trying to manage work, living on my own and 2 kids, it be quite stressful not long after that I found myself in a very dark place and I have no idea how my life spiralled out of control nor did I know how to handle it, on the 24 November 2021 I ended up at my GP I had severe pain and I was very weak there was not much that he could do for me. As he said I was going through a lot. He gave me medication and I was on my home, I never thought much about it at that moment. As the day progressed I got weaker and weaker. I ended up seeing a Lyno practitioner that very same day, I can’t remember much if the day, I went in not remembering much, by the time she was done with me I walked to the car and called it a day, that was the day I felt my body giving in. Little did I know what was around the corner for me, a month later on Christmas Day I suffered from a right brain stroke. I vaguely remember my daughter and my mother taking me to the hospital but knowing what was really happening to me, we were all very confused as to what was busy taking place, when we got there the doctors confirmed that it was a right brain stroke. That was the last thing I could remember. I was discharged on the 7 January 2022, the doctors then told me that I lost the use of the left side of my body. After receiving the news I came home and I felt so hopeless and I was devastated. This was a new world for my family and I as we have never had someone that was in this condition, as you can imagine how difficult this must have been for me not knowing if I would ever walk or talk again. I lost all hope at this time, my tears have dried up and I felt like my prayers was not being answered I laid at home for one week, I was hopeless and I did not want to see anyone. My mum reached out to Ruchenda Bennett the Lyno practitioner who helped me, one month before all this happened I guess she did it because she could see I had no fight left in me, she just wanted someone to help her daughter, not only did I receive professional help from her but I received someone that believed in me and believed that I could walk again. Day after day she would come and work on me, I have no idea what she did but God sent her my way. Not only did she help me to get physically strong but the emotional support I got from her it was like she was my sister. She was there every step of the way, she was there for every achievement big or small, we celebrated it together whether it was in the form of tears or laughter. On the 28 February 2022 I took my 1st step out of my wheelchair and I promised myself that I will never go back to it again and I never did, I knew I still had a long way to go but with the help of God, my Lyno practitioner and my family, I knew that I could get through it. Everything became effortless and shortly after I could walk with crutches and not long after that I could walk on my own. I am writing this today with so much joy because I am walking on my own for one full year now and it is getting better, I am able to drive on my own again. I am playing and laughing with my kids and even going out for walks. I got through this journey with the help of God and my Lyno practitioner.

Thank you Ruchenda Bennett.