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Can a faulty shoe be the cause of my injury?

Two of our favorite quotes in the Lyno world are "Treat the cause, not the symptom" and "Find and unlock the injury pattern". Could  your new pair of running shoes be the cause of your new spontaneous injury? Even if you bought the same model as before? Two months ago...

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Struggling with chronic shoulder pain?

Your shoulder pain started 3 years ago when you joined the gym and reached upwards in the zumba dance class. There were no weights involved, the class started with a good warm-up, yet suddenly, as you reached up, you felt the pain deep inside the shoulder. At first...

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What is causing your hip pain?

A 43 year old Ironman triathlete consulted us, complaining of extreme pain which started in the front of his right hip, but which after 3 surgical procedures now also radiates to the back of the hip and down the leg to the knee. History After competing in several...

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Struggling with a chronic ITB injury?

An irritated Iliotibial Band (ITB) is most probably one of the most debilitating injuries amongst runners. The onset is normally sudden and in the majority of cases follows a quick increase in mileage  - too much too soon. The biggest problem with ITB syndrome is that...

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The Best Core Exercise

The best Core Exercise By Stuart Dicke - Lyno Body Engineer To be honest, if you need to be spending hours doing ab-specific exercises, something in your training program is wrong. It’s likely you’re either spending too much time on machines, or – if you’re doing lots...

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Comrades Advice

Comrades Advice By 2 Seasoned Runners I was honored last night to share a dinner-table with 2 distinguished ultra-runners, Maurice (60) and Dave (63). Both of them ran the 2Oceans Ultra Marathon on Saturday as a training run for their 31st and 40th Comrades Marathons....

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Yellow Page Wedges

The Yellow Page Wedge Story By Benita Kropman I came accross the Yellow Page Wedges for the first time in 1990 when I shared premises with Jenni Rorrison (who now practices in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa). Jenni copied the technique (which is based on applied...

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Torn Hamstring

Torn Hamstring Again? By Benita Kropman B Sc (Physio) Chronic hamstring niggles are very common amongst endurance runners and are often very difficult to solve. Most of the time the injury appears from nowhere and does not show up on any ultrasound scan or MRI. It is...

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