Benita Kropman


Benita Kropman, founder of the Lyno Method®, qualified as a physiotherapist at the UFS in Bloemfontein, South Africa, in 1982. For the first 14 years of her career, she focused mainly on sport therapy and specifically on triathletes, track and field athletes and runners. In the mid 90’s, Benita shifted her focus to injury prevention and with the support of Dr. Ranel Venter, senior lecturer at the Human Movement Studies Department of the University of Stellenbosch, she developed the Lyno Method®, a technique based on bio-mechanical balancing in order to break injury patterns.

EXPLORING FASCIA – the early days

Through her contact with rolfer, Marius Strydom, she became interested in the principles of the Structural Integration and developed her own technique to release hyaluronic acid densification in order to facilitate full muscle mobility.

In 2006 she presented her research at the First International Fascia Research Conference at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA and in 2007 she published her first article in the JOURNAL OF BODYWORK AND MOVEMENT THERAPIES (Volume 13, number 1, Jan 2009) under the title: The ‘Bunkie’ test: Assessing functional strength to restore function through fascia manipulation.

In 2009 she was asked by the THE RUNNER’S WORLD magazine to run her own column in the magazine as ‘The Running Therapist.’

In 2013 she was invited to be a speaker at the Podiatry Association of South Africa Congress in Johannesburg and in the same year she presented a workshop at the International SportPhysio Congress in Pretoria and spoke at the SSISA Leadership Performance Summit in Newlands, Cape Town.



At the beginning of 2015, Benita moved completely away from therapy and transformed the Lyno Method® into a wellness/lifestyle coaching modality, with the primary aim of facilitating a strong, balanced and fully functional body, to optimize performance and enhance longevity.



The first Lyno Academy was formed by Benita in 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa, where The Lyno Method is currently taught as an interactive course to practitioners in the medical, sport and wellness fields. Apart from Benita, courses are also taught by Gabi Dekenah (Cape Town) and Jelize van Staden (Johannesburg), both experienced Lyno practitioners.

The Lyno Academy in Germany will be launched in September 2017 when the first 2 full Lyno courses will be presented by Benita in Münich and Hanover. She will be assisted by Markus Strobl and Bettina Eberl, Lyno Practitioners from Mühldorf am Inn.

Benita is currently in the process of developing a full Lyno Assessment course which will be presented online. The goal of this course is to enable medical professionals as well as sport trainers to perform the full FROM assessment in order to determine if the patient or athlete is stuck in a injury pattern that could be the cause of chronic recurring injury.


The Lyno Method has evolved hugely over the past 5 years and with a fast growing community of Lyno Practitioners the concept of holistic assessment and management of fascia is becoming more and more popular.
Benita’s motto of “Treat the cause, not the symptom” will hopefully in the near future become the norm, rather than an alternative view.