Our Mission

“Our muscles, bones, fascia, tissues and organs are in a beautiful dance together, informed by the way we move, our patterns, and even our thoughts, emotions and disappointments.”

LYNO EXPLORES a movement vocabulary allowing a deeply insightful tour of the body and its physical expression. In precise and scientific examination, the poetry of body patterning is observed, honoured and brought into balance. LYNO CREATES a heightened awareness of the body and unlocks the secrets of its contractions and expansions bringing optimal and full function.  LYNO RESTORES correct movement patterns.

Full Body Assessment

Get to know your body, how it moves, which way you’ve settled in your bones, which emotions you’ve parked in your muscles, how smoothly your fascia moves from one part to another.

Restore Natural Movement

A body that was stuck in dysfunctional movement patterns looses the ability to move effectively. To reactivate muscle function we need to restore neural pathways.

Unlock Limitations

New insights on muscle anatomy shows the importance of the fascia system in muscle function.  Locked fascia disables muscle function.

Optimize Performance

To push your body to perform at optimum level, you need full functional flexibility and muscle function.

The Method

The Lyno Method® is a non-therapeutic body of knowledge providing a system to identify movement patterns, to restore optimum mobility and support a balanced, flexible and fully functional body.

“Our bodies are miraculous and intelligent machines

with each muscle designed to move through a specific range of motion.”